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By Majorie Lauzon

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Category: Cycling


MajoRCA Core Stability for Cyclists and Triathletes

Here is a...

Really, Crazy, Awesome,
Core Mobility through Stability Workout,

You can do ANYWHERE,
And that can take as little time as 10 minutes to do,
Depending on how may times you are ... Read More


origins of human body MOVEMENT and how it is INFLUENCED

I like to think that only new born babies are muscle imbalance-less. They suddenly arrive in this physical world  we live in, with the need to learn from scratch how to move in their new ... Read More


Reign Snowboard Cross Team Strength and Mobility Maintenance Workout

Hi guys,

It was my pleasure to coach you on dryland, while you were here in Whistler, training snowboard cross with the Reign Team. 

I put together a strength and mobility maintenance ... Read More


Shoulder Rehab Conditioning by Majo

You had a shoulder injury and after seeing the physio you were told that it was time to progressively regain strength and get back to your usual activities, including work and sports?  Perhaps you ... Read More


Wrist decompression program by Majo

Are your wrists compressed and affecting your sport performance or daily activities?

Perhaps not.  If you participate in sports like road or mountain biking, alpine skiing, weight lifting, or ... Read More


Xmas living room workout

I know we are all over the place during the Christmas holidays and it's often hectic and tricky to keep up with the usual gym routine and other sport specific training plans!

Here's a free ... Read More


What to know about stretching effectively

the inside scoop

Are you a ski or golf pro, an athlete, or a very physically active person? Yes? GAME ON! Try answering as best you can, the following questions. Please note that my own answers ... Read More


Ben Chaddock promotes Kinesiology through B.I.K.E.S.

Ben Chaddock is a professional cyclist well-known for his 2012 Canadian National Criterium win.  One of his mandates is to educate and inspire youth to develop healthy life styles through sport ... Read More


Performance Enhancement Warm Up for cyclists and triathletes

Many are still unaware that static or passive stretching prior to a sport performance has more disadvantages than advantages, especially for sports that performance depends on strength, power, ... Read More


Bar Up Shoulder Mobilization Program

Enjoy this shoulder mobilization movie program, to help you gain proper upper body flexibility and perform over head bar exercises.  This program is as well excellent for everyone spending many ... Read More


Stretching for Cyclists and Triathletes - IT band injury prevention

Many athletes suffer from the Iliotibial Band (ITB) Syndrome causing knee pain.  With Dr Andrew Sellars from Balance Point Racing, this video discusses ways to prevent and help rehabilitate ITB ... Read More

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