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Posted: January 18, 2016

Reign Snowboard Cross Team Strength and Mobility Maintenance Workout


Hi guys,

It was my pleasure to coach you on dryland, while you were here in Whistler, training snowboard cross with the Reign Team. 

I put together a strength and mobility maintenance program for you to do 1-3x/week, depending on your race schedule - please ask your coach of the frequency you should be using it week to week.  However, I STRONGLY suggest you do the Dynamic Warm Up every time before you head up to the hill, and do the Flow Stretch after every time you finish your on-snow training.  View the videos linked to learn the proper form of each exercise. 

So here we go:

Dynamic Warm Up:

  1. 10x each Quad Mill
  2. 20x total Hamstring Pendulums
  3. 10x each Opposite Direction Arm Circles
  4. 10x each Trunk Swirls
  5. 20x total Hip Opener
  6. 30x total Calf Walk
  7. 30x total Hip Shifts


Repeat 3x

  1. 15x each Romeo Lunges
  2. 10x each Box Plank
  3. 30x total Bicycle Abs
  4. 10x Push Ups (easier version or harder version)
  5. 20x total Back Extensions
  6. 15x Wide Squat Jumps
  7. 10x each T-Spine Rotation Bridge
  8. 15x Spider Crunches
  9. 30x Low Traps V Pulls (front view and side view)

Flow Stretch:

  1. 10x each Hamstring AIS
  2. 10x each Quad AIS
  3. 5x each (slowly) Front Line PNF
  4. 20x total Calf AIS
  5. 5x each (slowly) Side Line Mobility
  6. 60sec each Slow Pigeon Swaying
  7. 10x each Pectoralis PNF
  8. 10x Spine Flexion and Extension
  9. 10x total Neck Circles (with traction)

I hope you enjoy and remember that any other discomfort other than usual muscle fatigue and stretching is not normal and you should stop the exercise in the case that happens.  Make sure your form is right and see with your coach how you could subtitute exercises for more appropriate ones for you if necessary.

All the best to you.  It was my pleasure to assist you with your training.  Majo

Program by: Majorie Lauzon
Copyright 2016


Posted: January 18, 2016 In: Cycling, Flexibility Training, Injury Prevention, Skiing, Strength Training

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