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By Majorie Lauzon

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Category: Profession of Kinesiology


Introducing Kinesiology with Majo, formerly doing business as KinesioMajo. Why the change?

This is my story about how and why I’m changing the name of my business, the business I’ve owned and operated for 8 years. 

I’ve been in the health and wellness industry since 1989. I’ve been a ... Read More


Ben Chaddock promotes Kinesiology through B.I.K.E.S.

Ben Chaddock is a professional cyclist well-known for his 2012 Canadian National Criterium win.  One of his mandates is to educate and inspire youth to develop healthy life styles through sport ... Read More


What is a Kinesiologist?

In Canada, Kinesiologists are people that specialize in human movement. They offer a wide variety of assessments, and services that assist with injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, general ... Read More

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Whistler Athletes' Centre,
Whistler, BC