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Posted: June 14, 2012

What is a Kinesiologist?


In Canada, Kinesiologists are people that specialize in human movement. They offer a wide variety of assessments, and services that assist with injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, general health management and athletic training.

The term 'kinesiologist' refers to someone who has completed a 4 year university degree in kinesiology (or the equivalent), and has extensive understanding of human structure and function and their relation to health and body performance.  Kinesiology students must have a firm background in chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics.  They must take a vast range of courses regrouping all dimensions of a human being, such as physiology (science that studies the human systems and organs), anatomy, biomechanics, sport injuries, physical & cardiac rehabilitation, psychology, nutrition, psychomotor behaviour, education, sociology, sport specific training and many more.

Kinesiologists apply their knowledge to different fields: health and safety, ergonomics, physical & vocational rehabilitation (in preparation to return one to work), fitness and sport specific conditioning just to name a few. Others may use their degree as a step into medicine, or other health fields.

Know that each country may have its own definition, requirements and standards about kinesiology and kinesiologists.  For more information about kinesiology and kinesiologists in Canada, please see the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance Website:

Article written by kinesiologists :

Majorie Lauzon, Whistler, BC, Canada
Minda Chittenden, Vernon, BC, Canada
Natalie Lussin, Vernon, BC, Canada

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Published in the Kinnected: The Journal of BC Association of Kinesiologists
Issue August 2010 (Revised)

Posted: June 14, 2012 In: Profession of Kinesiology

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