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By Majorie Lauzon

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Introducing Kinesiology with Majo, formerly doing business as KinesioMajo. Why the change?

This is my story about how and why I’m changing the name of my business, the business I’ve owned and operated for 8 years. 

I’ve been in the health and wellness industry since 1989. I’ve been a ... Read More


MajoRCA Core Stability for Cyclists and Triathletes

Here is a...

Really, Crazy, Awesome,
Core Mobility through Stability Workout,

You can do ANYWHERE,
And that can take as little time as 10 minutes to do,
Depending on how may times you are ... Read More


origins of human body MOVEMENT and how it is INFLUENCED

I like to think that only new born babies are muscle imbalance-less. They suddenly arrive in this physical world  we live in, with the need to learn from scratch how to move in their new ... Read More


Reign Snowboard Cross Team Strength and Mobility Maintenance Workout

Hi guys,

It was my pleasure to coach you on dryland, while you were here in Whistler, training snowboard cross with the Reign Team. 

I put together a strength and mobility maintenance ... Read More


Get Fit To The Next Level | Advanced Athletic Conditioning

Wishing you could be more agile, quicker and stronger on your skis?
Of course you do!

Here's an advanced athletic conditioning routine for you. I challenge you to give it a try until there's ... Read More

Kinesiology with Majo's location:
Whistler Athletes' Centre,
Whistler, BC