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Posted: March 12, 2015

Shoulder Rehab Conditioning by Majo


You had a shoulder injury and after seeing the physio you were told that it was time to progressively regain strength and get back to your usual activities, including work and sports?  Perhaps you are uncertain as to where to start.  Here is a program you can try if your doctor agrees that you are ready for it.

Click HERE to see the program.

Here are below some extra tips:

  • Start progressively with the lesser number of sets and repetitions suggested, and with ligther weights
  • Start with a time goal that you can increase progressively, e.g. begin by doing the program only 15 minutes daily; making sure to rotate through the exercises time to time so you cover them all equally
  • Allow yourself 1-3 days off per week depending of your level of fatigue: adjust the frequency and duration of the program in relationship to your work load and other physical activities you do in addition
  • Remember that proper recovery periods are part of your training and will influence your gains
  • Always move in within your comfort zone without feeling you are teasing up the old injury
  • Pay extreme attention to your form or quality of execution, aligning your body like in the pictures and controlling the speed of your movements
  • If you are not certain about one exercise, or it hurts you, stop doing it ASAP and ask your kinesiologist, physiotherapist or personal trainer to assess your form and adapt or modify the exercise if necessary
  • Note that this is NOT a customized rehabilitation conditioning program; therefore, you are responsible for getting approval from your doctor prior to try it

Hope you enjoy! 

Lastly, ALWAYS listen to your body!  It will tell you when you are ready for more, when you need to take a break, or if something is wrong.  PAY ATTENTION!

Remember that injuries cause muscle imbalances to occur after the body finds ways to compensate.  Unless you address the imbalances specifically and retrain more proper movement patterns, the compensation strategies chosen by your motor control center and neuromuscular system will remain.  This may work fine until the physical demand to your body increases to a point of damaging your over-working muscles, that are just trying overtime to furnish for the under-working ones.  This said, ensure your muscles imbalances were addressed prior starting any strengthening program.

Blog & Program by Majorie Lauzon
Copyright 2015

Posted: March 12, 2015 In: Cycling, Flexibility Training, Injury Prevention, Skiing, Strength Training

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