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Posted: October 11, 2015

Maple chickpea cookies (vegan & gluten free)


Here’s the kind of cookie you can enjoy without feeling guilty.  It’s a great mid-day snack as it contains a considerable amount of protein and fiber, plus it's lightly sweetened and relatively low in fat. 

  • Preheat oven at 3500 F
  • In a big bowl  add 1 can of blended chic peas with its juice
  • Add 50 ml of canola and sun flower oil blend
  • Add 100-*200 ml of pure maple syrup
  • Add 2 pinches of magic baking powder
  • Add 2 pinches of baking soda
  • Add 1 pinch of sea salt
  • Whisk well
  • Mix in 500 ml of gluten free baking & pancake flour mix (my favorite brand is Pamelas)
  • Mix in 200 ml of garbanzo chic pea flour
  • Knead if needed and *add a little bit more maple syrup for optimal consistency to make little balls with the dough (it will depend on flour mixture)
  • Mix in 250g of dark chocolate chips
  • Oil cookie sheet of approximately 18” x 12”
  • Drop cookie paste on cookie sheet with an over filled table spoon (about 15-24 cookies per sheet and 45-60 cookies in total)
  • Using a wetted fork, gently press the cookie dough down
  • On a plate mix half and half oil and maple syrup and brush mixture sparingly on top of cookies
  • Bake cookies on the middle grill for 10-25 minutes depending on their size and the flour used – or until golden on top and slightly brown underneath.  
  • Let cool

Now savor! So delicious! 

Recipe by: Majorie Lauzon
Copyright 2015

Posted: October 11, 2015 In: Nutrition

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