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Majorie's knowledge and passion as a trainer is phenomenal. Not only will she helps you achieve your goals but her joy and enthusiasm will make sure you have a ton of fun along the way.

Dawn King Olympic Triathlete, Professional Singer, Speaker, Author

Majorie helped me get into fitness!  She helped me realize it could be fun... and, as weeks went on, I could feel that I was becoming stronger. She motivated the entire group and that 45 minutes became the best part of my day.”

Rachel Klassen Social Worker

If you think this will be easy, think again. But this I can tell you: You've come to the right place. Majorie has an intimate knowledge of exercise physiology, pain and suffering and she is not afraid to share it.  Of course I am exaggerating. She carefully restored this old machine.  First starting with myofascial stretches and then slowly building up my core strength so that I could exercise without injuring myself.  She will keep your brain occupied while you’re at it.  I've never met someone who can conjure up 12 different ways to exercise the same muscle group.  She is worth every penny.  That is if you are as crazy as I am to pay for pain. But hey!  No pain, no gain.  I have no reservation in recommending Majo from recovering from injuries to performing at your best.

Dr Janus Steyn Psychiatrist

I’m not a professional athlete, but being active is an important part of my everyday life. After years of skiing, biking and working as a painter my body was beginning to feel the abuse. My RMT recommend that I see Majo.

I was immediately impressed with Majo’s professionalism. During my first visit, Majo explained what was going on with my body, and that with her Muscle Balance Training and Fascial Release Therapy she would be able to help me. Majo also pinpointed that a lot of my pain was due to over extending my neck while working. She helped me come up with new techniques to remain in proper body position at work.

I continued to see Majo and, after a few visits, the Fascial Release Therapy was helping my muscles to relax. The Muscle Balance and Postural Training was leaving me feeling less tired at the end of my work day and more in balance on my bike and skis.

Since starting treatments with Majo, I live with less pain during work and my leisure time, and I perform better overall. I would recommend Majo to anyone who is active and feel their body could use a tune up.

Tyler Collins Professional painter, Whistler Sports Lover

Majo, I have to say that I have never been as focused, as fit and as dialed into my body as I have been since I started going to your classes. I love that you have showed me how to "fire" up all the muscles at the same time so that I get the best results. At 47 years old, my strength and endurance have improved in my trail running (I can jump over anything and step higher), my snowboarding, and my hiking and overall daily activities. I'm stoked to be able to keep up to my 8 year old for the next 47 years too. Thank you for all your knowledge and caring about how we should be moving our bodies.

Helen Bradley Genesis PURE Independent Business Owner

As a recreational road biker, Majo made a big first impression on me as she provided me with the level of professionalism and attention to detail as if I was one of her high performance athletes.

Since Majo started working with me, she customized a program to increase my overall physical performance by getting to know in detail how my body's muscles were working (or not). She physically worked out with me to show me firsthand the proper way to execute the specific exercises intended to make my body stronger.

Majo's owns expertise as a performance athlete herself prompt me to give my best effort at my own level.

Also, she provided me with the confidence that working together, I would be able to reach the increased level of performance that I was hoping for.

Along with my athletic conditioning customized program, came the "magical" FST, NKT and MFR sessions where Majo really surprised me with her abilities and vast knowledge of the mechanics of the human body; "fascia", "neuro-connectivity" became familiar terms in my life.

During those sessions, my admiration for Majo's commitment and professionalism grew stronger, I will always appreciate the time and patience Majo showed in every session to explain me the details of the issues that affected me and the rationale behind her corrective therapy plan, I really enjoy the interactive way when working with her, I was taking an active part in my own improvement, which translated into better results.

When the biking season finally arrived, the outcome of all of our athletic conditioning and therapy sessions has been one of the most rewarding and awesome experiences in my life, my body felt so different when riding the same roads where I had struggled in previous years.

Another huge plus in working with Majo is not only the significant performance improvement, but also, I have experienced no pains or danger of developing a sport related injury.

This biking season has provided me with an increased passion for cycling.

Thanks to Majo I am now aware how my body works more efficiently, the proper before, after and in between rides and workouts that, combined with Majo's recovery sessions, allow me to continue riding strong throughout the whole season, such a great feeling to finally be able to keep up with my experienced biking buddies.

Now, I have new aspirations for next season and look forward to work again with Majo keeping my body strong, free of injuries and pain.

One more added value in working with Majo is the fact that she's so much fun to work with, she is always happy and full of positive energy, she enjoys my success as much as if it's her own.

Overall, I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to cross paths with Majo, she has provided me with a lot more than I had expected or even dreamed of regarding my body's physical capability and potential for improvement.

Elizabeth Rogerson Elizabeth Rogerson, Accountant, Recreational Road Cyclist

My husband went to see Majo after his shoulder surgery and I was intrigued by the series of exercises she gave him to practice at home. I decided to come see her for a variety of problems I had after I had a tumor removed from my spinal cord. Although my case wasn't common, she right away zeroed in on what needed to be addressed. 

She is amazing at explaining how the body works and is a total genius at figuring out how to "fix" me. The exercises are unique and effective and her in-office treatments are in one word a "relief."  

She has connected the dots for me and now my mind and body are now working as one.

Thank you Majo!

Tina Palm Retired Massage Therapist

Unlike some of Majo's elite clients, I am a recreational sport enthusiast and not a competitive athlete: I've done a couple of triathlons and have been active all my life. Over the years, I've had running, bicycling, skiing, and other injuries that have created suboptimal neuromuscular dynamics and pain.  We all know that only a few modest/minor injuries together can create compensations and difficulties accessing the right muscles or the right form for effective, pain-free workouts and life. We begin to accept that changing these patterns is "hard or impossible."

It's not!

After working only a couple of sessions with Majo, I discovered her completely unique approach.  Majo is enthusiastic, playful, optimistic, instructive, and provides a highly effective way of muscle tension release and physical rehab for muscular imbalances and motor compensations.  In two words: it works.  After years of mildly effective physical therapy, I'm now a convert to "Majo's way".  If only she lived closer to us I would see her for some "Majo tune-ups" every month. Take her up on providing exercises/homework as these get you to the key issue, and can have a profound impact each time, getting you out of pain and tightness and into the right position and state for restrengthening.  For the first time in many years, I am pain free!  Impressive Majo!  I did not think it was possible.

Thank you so much!


Melanie Mahtani Ph.D. Genetics & B.Sc. Neuroscience

As a ‘mature’ runner and student of karate, I attended a series of core fitness classes that were offered in a local physiotherapy clinic to help improve my fitness, core strength, and flexibility. From the moment I met Majo (and ever since) I have been impressed with her boundless energy and optimism, her sense of humor, willingness and ability to adapt to the needs of the students/clients/class, and her huge knowledge base regarding physiology, kinesiology, and practical psychology - what a winning combo! I have never worked harder in a class, nor gained better results and had so much fun as with Majo!  Since then, Majo has assessed and designed personal programs for my family. We're all rockin' now! Majo, every word is true! - you're awesome!

Robert King Marathoner, Counselor, Song Writer

Majorie Lauzon has been my personal trainer for over 5 years.   She has continually demonstrated herself to be professional and reliable.  She has an excellent understanding of exercise physiology and a sound knowledge of anatomy.  Majorie is passionate about fitness both for herself and her clients.  She demonstrates a very caring attitude and unlimited enthusiasm as well as patience and understanding.  Among her many attributes, Majorie is particularly resourceful in designing individual programs of exercise tailored to her clients.  She is resourceful with regard to keeping her programs fresh and interesting. I am pleased to give her the highest recommendation and have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone interested in improving their overall health and fitness.

Dr Glenn Scheske Specialist Physician (Radiology)

My goals were to run 10 km faster, get stronger, develop my core strength and have more endurance in general.  Majo helped me achieve my fitness goals with a step by step, safe and efficient fitness program. She is a real motivator!

Caroline O’Neill Real Estate Agent

Majorie has been my personal trainer for over four years, throughout high school. When I started, I really didn't want to work out, but she is fun to be around and very persistent. She is athletic (a good example) and committed to helping me succeed.  She has a positive attitude about everything, and makes my time with her very enjoyable.  Now I look forward to my sessions, and have made a lot of progress.

Hilary P.

I am an active 63-year-old retired female. I had just finished treatment with a Sports Medicine Physician for back pain and was seeing Majo because I wanted to build up strength before restarting my activities, such as Pilates, tennis and outrigger paddling.

Majo did an assessment of my total body movements and documented with photographs, which showed my current range of motion. Then she designed a program to correct my muscle imbalances. She incorporated recommendations from my Physio. The instructions were presented with photos of me doing the exercises, which provided a convenient guide for doing the program at home.

Her instructions were very exact as to which muscles to contract and which opposing muscles to stretch. She would demonstrate proper technique to help me really understand. She also would gently extend my body to show me how far I could safely and beneficially move (which was usually farther than I thought I could do). Majo has reviewed my progress and has given coaching advice on my performance of the exercises.

I had fun doing the sessions with Majo and, besides learning the program, I felt great at the end.

I have complete trust in her. It is nice to know that I am doing something good for myself and that I have strengthened my body and my immune system as a result of the exercises. I was surprised at how quickly I built up strength. I believe this was the result of doing the exercises properly and strengthening the specific out-of-balance muscles that were problematic to me.

Majo’s muscle balance training program that she customizes to the individual and the photo record of it are two reasons why I would recommend Majo to others. Both increase the likelihood that your body will work and feel better.

Marion M.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Majorie for more than four years. She instructed me in a couple of Fit to Ski classes, as well as on-hill ski lessons, and I was extremely impressed with her skill levels, and ability to find novel approaches to achieving fitness goals.  I also partake in some private sessions with my daughter, and again have only the highest regard for her professionalism, knowledge, and ability to motivate clients.

Susan C.

I have worked with Majo for over four years now. As a senior citizen (retired, age 61), my fitness goals have been to improve my posture while stay healthy, active and fit for as long as I can.

Majo has designed many physical conditioning programs for me over the years, and I have noticed with pride how greatly my fitness level has improved. She has also given me special stretching exercises to help avoid injury since I've taken up jogging after about 25 years.

Recently, she also did a kinesiology assessment and set up a corrective exercise program to correct the imbalances and weaknesses she found.

Majo takes photographs of key stages in of every exercise so that I have accurate photos to refer to later when working out on my own. Before developing my workouts she prepares in advance by reviewing the exercises I have done recently, my health issues, and areas to concentrate on (such as upper body strength). Therefore, she is well prepared when we meet and no time is wasted during our sessions.

As an older woman, I greatly appreciate that Majo ensures that I know how to do the exercises properly and safely. I have never suffered an injury on her programs. Majo is encouraging and supportive, but she also pushes me to do better and doesn't think my age is any excuse for not trying harder and sweating more!

Majo also keeps up to date on the latest techniques, methods and research in the fields of fitness, various sports, and kinesiology. She has attended many high-level professional development workshops throughout the time I've known her.

I would highly recommend Majo to anyone looking to improve their fitness level, safely and effectively.

Maxine Glover

Kinesiology with Majo's location:
Whistler Athletes' Centre,
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