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Majo has played a key role in the development and improvement of the strength and flexibility of the Balance Point Racing High Performance team. Her infectious enthusiasm for her work shows through in her group sessions, as well as her one on one therapy sessions. She demonstrates a strong understanding of a variety of therapies that help aid in both preparation for endurance events and recovery from injury.

Dr Andrew Sellars GP, Ironman & XTerra Triathlete, Enduro MTB Racer, Balance Point Racing High Performance Team, Head Coach & Founder

Having just turned 60, I find myself reflecting on all the aches and pains that come along with living a very active life. I have been racing mountain and road bikes pretty aggressively for quite some time and Majo has given me treatments and exercise homework that keeps me on the bike and at the front end of many races. Her expertise has kept, and continues to keep me going for a lot longer than otherwise possible. She is excellent at what she does, tailors treatments to help anyone lead an active, pain free  life.

Tony Routley Master road and Mtb Cyclist, Director Team Whistler Cycling, Father, Mentor, Personal Cycling Training Coach

I am a middle aged mother always trying to stay strong, fit and balanced!  My fitness goal was to become fitter and recover from sport injuries.  I attended several of Majo’s fitness programs such as total body resistance workouts, alpine ski preparation circuit trainings and outdoor sport conditioning sessions.  Her classes never got boring; she frequently added different exercises to the routine with good results!  Majo also developed a specific fitness program for my son to help him through a difficult period due to a skiing injury. His goal was to ski without pain and Majo’s programs assisted him to get healthier and stronger in combination with other physical treatments.
Majo continually inspires you to improve, shows you how to do an exercise properly, fine tunes your movement, is a lot of fun, is very knowledgeable, and has a lot of experience.

Jan F. Jan F., Half Marathoner, road cyclist

I’m not a professional athlete, but being active is an important part of my everyday life. After years of skiing, biking and working as a painter my body was beginning to feel the abuse. My RMT recommend that I see Majo.

I was immediately impressed with Majo’s professionalism. During my first visit, Majo explained what was going on with my body, and that with her Muscle Balance Training and Fascial Release Therapy she would be able to help me. Majo also pinpointed that a lot of my pain was due to over extending my neck while working. She helped me come up with new techniques to remain in proper body position at work.

I continued to see Majo and, after a few visits, the Fascial Release Therapy was helping my muscles to relax. The Muscle Balance and Postural Training was leaving me feeling less tired at the end of my work day and more in balance on my bike and skis.

Since starting treatments with Majo, I live with less pain during work and my leisure time, and I perform better overall. I would recommend Majo to anyone who is active and feel their body could use a tune up.

Tyler Collins Professional painter, Whistler Sports Lover

I raced in Europe for a long time and learned all there was to know about optimal health and general strength as an elite mountain biker. At least that was what I thought until I met Majorie Lauzon. Her passion for facilitating optimal performance in athletes of all sports is only matched by her talent for discovering relationships between over and under-working muscles and her knowledge in correcting such imbalances.

Whether you are a pro athlete or an aspiring weekend warrior, go see Majo, because she will match your work ethic with her knowledge = optimal performance!

Petra Tlamkova Elite MTB and Road Cyclist, M.Ed., Health Food Enthusiast

I get lost in the vocabulary with MFR, AIS, FST...  but I know it works. Majo is able to feel muscle tightness, but also fascial adhesions, joint capsule restriction, and use multiple techniques to return range of motion for my athletic goals.  Majo has helped me in recover from sport specific imbalance of strength, and years of chronic injury to feet and ankles.  I had a blast attending her core strength & joint mobility classes, and have been so happy with her hands-on therapeutic work.  As a coach and endurance athlete, I have recommended her to my clients with confidence. 

Virginia Sellars Speech Therapist, Ironman & XTerra Triathlete, Ultra Distance Trail Runner, Balance Point Racing High Performance Team & Coach

Majo's involvement with the Balance Point Racing Team has raised the level of awareness of certain aspects of endurance sports that are often ignored; namely core strength training and active recovery training.  Majo's unique perspectives on core training along with her background in Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) have set the Balance Point Racing High Performance Team up for continued success for the future.   Majo's core training techniques and post work out FST treatments has become a training mainstay of many of the Balance Point Racing High Performance Team members.  Majo challenges all athletes to strive for athletic excellence and provides the tools to help achieve and surpass all of their athletic goals.

Simon Craig Cat 1 Cyclist, Ironman Triathlete, Balance Point Racing High Performance Team

In working with our high performance team to 2 seasons, the work that Majo conducts is vital to the consistent improvements our team has made in their individual pursuits. Triathletes, cyclists and runners alike are stronger, healthier and able to achieve consistent training volume throughout the year due to her hard work. From functional assessments, strength routines and Fascial Stretch Therapy, Majo has the goods at ensuring everyone is firing on all cylinders.

Chris Willett Long Course Triathlete, Ultra Runner, Enduro MTB racer, Balance Point Racing High Performance Team & Head Coach

As a recreational road biker, Majo made a big first impression on me as she provided me with the level of professionalism and attention to detail as if I was one of her high performance athletes.

Since Majo started working with me, she customized a program to increase my overall physical performance by getting to know in detail how my body's muscles were working (or not). She physically worked out with me to show me firsthand the proper way to execute the specific exercises intended to make my body stronger.

Majo's owns expertise as a performance athlete herself prompt me to give my best effort at my own level.

Also, she provided me with the confidence that working together, I would be able to reach the increased level of performance that I was hoping for.

Along with my athletic conditioning customized program, came the "magical" FST, NKT and MFR sessions where Majo really surprised me with her abilities and vast knowledge of the mechanics of the human body; "fascia", "neuro-connectivity" became familiar terms in my life.

During those sessions, my admiration for Majo's commitment and professionalism grew stronger, I will always appreciate the time and patience Majo showed in every session to explain me the details of the issues that affected me and the rationale behind her corrective therapy plan, I really enjoy the interactive way when working with her, I was taking an active part in my own improvement, which translated into better results.

When the biking season finally arrived, the outcome of all of our athletic conditioning and therapy sessions has been one of the most rewarding and awesome experiences in my life, my body felt so different when riding the same roads where I had struggled in previous years.

Another huge plus in working with Majo is not only the significant performance improvement, but also, I have experienced no pains or danger of developing a sport related injury.

This biking season has provided me with an increased passion for cycling.

Thanks to Majo I am now aware how my body works more efficiently, the proper before, after and in between rides and workouts that, combined with Majo's recovery sessions, allow me to continue riding strong throughout the whole season, such a great feeling to finally be able to keep up with my experienced biking buddies.

Now, I have new aspirations for next season and look forward to work again with Majo keeping my body strong, free of injuries and pain.

One more added value in working with Majo is the fact that she's so much fun to work with, she is always happy and full of positive energy, she enjoys my success as much as if it's her own.

Overall, I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to cross paths with Majo, she has provided me with a lot more than I had expected or even dreamed of regarding my body's physical capability and potential for improvement.

Elizabeth Rogerson Elizabeth Rogerson, Accountant, Recreational Road Cyclist

One unique thing about Majo that separates her from other practitioners is that she can help stop injuries from ever happening in the first place. While there are plenty of professionals out there to help you with rehab, Majo also does preventative maintenance. Through a series of assessments, releases and muscle retraining exercises, Majo will help you become a stronger, balanced and more functional athlete.

Not only does this make it less likely that you will get injured when something goes wrong, but you will see the added benefit of power gains. Through the correct, balanced recruitment of the muscles needed for optimal performance, doing your Majo homework will help you get faster!

Chloe Cross Team Whistler XC MTB Elite racer

Majo has been a tremendous help to me in many ways over the last few years, specifically when I was training for my second half marathon.  I really wanted to improve my time and general fitness.  Majo met with me several times to monitor my nutrition, measure my percentage of body fat and analyse my progress so she could adapt my program in consequence.  She put me in touch with Balance Point Racing for testing my Lactate Balance Point and getting a second opinion on my running program.  She made me a set of amazing core stability & strength routines and also provided me with a cardio training schedule to combine.  I noticed excellent improvements and in the end was able to shave off 12 minutes from my previous time, which was awesome.  Not to mention I was physically and mentally much stronger. I couldn’t have done it without her!  I have also experienced Majo’s expertise in various assisted stretching methods, myofascial release and soft tissue release techniques that I have found greatly beneficial.  I have been to massage therapy many times, but I felt more of a release with the combination of techniques that Majo uses. There seems to be a deeper release than just the muscle and it really did make a great difference.  I would recommend anyone with body aches or pain to try Majo' services.  You won’t regret it as she will find a way that works for you.

Sara Howard Undergraduate Nursing Student, Half Marathoner

I went to see Majo the day before the 2016 Nimby Fifty (it's a very technical and strenuous XC mountain bike race), for what can only be described as a generous hour of treatment.  After years spent hunched over handlebars and a lot of neglect of my part, "stiff" is an understatement.  

The increased range of motion after the session came in very handy the next day; however, I think my biggest improvements have come with the breathing exercises Majo gave me for homework. I had know idea I was so bad with that before!

Alex Capon Team Whistler XC MTB and road cycling amateur racer

Majo's Fascial Release hands on techniques including NeuroKineticTherapy®, Soft Tissue Release, and Fascial Stretch Therapy™ have been an integral part of both my training and recovery as a high-performance athlete.  Her expertise has been crucial for my recovery from heavy training loads as well as increasing mobility and maintaining joint health.

Majo is highly skilled and a very intuitive practitioner.  She has the perfect touch and the right personalized solution to any muscular or fascial issue.

Old injuries that have haunted me for years are all but gone.  Under Majo's watchful eye the constant stress of full time training has had no negative effect on my muscle flexibility or joint capacity. As a matter of fact, I now have increased range of motion in my shoulders -– even better than before a torn rotator cuff!  She has also performed wonders on my notoriously tight hips that no longer give me issues.

Having Majo's expertise as part of my regular training regime has been absolutely invaluable!  I would definitely recommend her as an integral physical therapy expert to any high-performance sports team or wellness and recovery program.

West Sharkey West Sharkey, Olympian aspirant,

I am so excited to have Majo on my team to help me achieve my goals this year. After the very first appointment with her I felt relief from my tight muscles and I now have a plan for making my strength and range of motion even better, then it has ever been.  Majo will be an invaluable part of my Ironman journey this year!  Thanks Majo!!

Luke Way Half Ironman, Ironman & XTerra Triathlete, Enduro MTB Racer, Balance Point Racing High Performance Team & Assistant Coach

For years, I have been in love with the liveliness, the challenges and the illustration of growth in all sports. Recently, I have taken a special and competitive interest in the sport of mountain biking.  Biking is an absolute full body experience and requires a dynamic fitness of endurance, core strength and balance.

I first met Majo at a cross country mountain bike race in Squamish. She was providing athletes with fascial manipulations and stretching releases post racing. Before long, I followed up with Majo in her office. It was noticeable that she is a very knowledgeable and well rounded sports therapist. After a thorough assessment of my 'tight' and sometimes painful lower back area, Majo equipped me with a very individualized stretching routine in addition to some soft tissue release exercises that I could perform on my own using a physio ball.

I really appreciate how Majo values the importance of education with her clients. She also helps remind us that it's not only about being fast, it's about staying healthy and strong so you can continue to meet your athletic goals head on with the confidence of knowing how your body performs.

Wether you are recovering from an injury or simply want to be fit and strong to play, Majo is committed to getting you there! 

Leah Trudeau Registered Nurse, Team Whistler XC MTB Elite racer

I met with Majo in early summer 2013 seeking never again to have to suffer through as much back pain as I had during the 2012-13 ski season. I recall numerous physiotherapy visits to relieve acute pain and missed days of teaching and skiing, and how painful simply walking after a day of skiing could be (despite ample après-ski doses of ‘vitamin ale’).

Majo’s findings and remedial exercises from our first session were right on target. After assessing my range of motion and strength in various muscles, Majo designed an exercise program that over the course of a few weeks retrained specific movements, with two positive outcomes:  muscles that hadn’t been firing properly started to contribute strength, and the potential for pain dropped dramatically.

My road cycling performance over the next few weeks increased markedly as previously dormant muscles began to contribute, and I felt a lot less post-ride pain than usual. Very positive for cycling, but what about skiing? Closer to the ski season Majo designed a customized ski-fit program that considered my back-related issues, and that I could do anywhere without specialized equipment. This program set me up for a strong start to the ski season, and I was pleasantly surprised at how I could ski non-stop runs from the earliest days of the season, something that usually happens a few weeks in. Throughout the winter I taught and skied a lot on hill for at least 6 days per week. Although I still had back issues, they remedied quickly and left me with much less discomfort than I experienced prior to Majo’s help.

My cycling has also advanced, having again incorporated a new round of Majo’s guidance through a second summer. The evidence:  in the Whistler GranFondo 2014, I rode my age (that’s a golf analogy) finishing 63rd overall and posting the fastest time in the Men 60-69 category – truly exceeding all of my expectations.

Thanks Majo!

Ken Chaddock Retired Professional Engineer, Ski Instructor, Cycling Enthusiast, Author of Ski Well Simply

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