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Fascial Release Therapy

Fascial Release Therapy incorporates manipulative stretching techniques where you may be standing, sitting or lying on a massage table (sometimes with a restrained body part to avoid muscular compensation) and requires a one-on-one attention as Majo assists the stretches by specifically pulling and guiding your limbs, shoulders, hips and trunk in different directions, and by sometimes applying pressure to the muscles and fascia.


An initial assessment is recommended so Majo can unveil the areas of compensation and tightness to better orient her focus during treatments.

Athletic Conditioning

Athletic Conditioning implies sport specific conditioning exercise programs:  Majo will be focussing on your sport demands and will be addressing your weak links in your complex and unique body chains, in the goal of maximizing your performance.

Majo’s  mainly prescribes exercise that require you to deal with your own body weight and use equipment such as cable stations, bars, dumbbells, kettle bells, medicine balls, stability balls, elastic bands, and suspension training systems.

An initial assessment is recommended so Majo can more clearly design your program.

Muscle Balance Training

Muscle Balance Training begins with a muscle imbalance assessment that investigates the body’s restrictions and compensations to specifically orient the corrective exercise program.

Identifying posture deficiencies, joint mobility & stability limitations and functional strength weaknesses, Majo designs programs that focus on improving posture, decreasing chronic pain, increasing functional capacity, well-being and performance.

Kinesiology with Majo's location:
Mont-Tremblant, Québec